We offer supervision for LPC-Interns.  As you accrue hours, we will provide a supportive place for you to process your cases and receive clinical feedback, build your professional identity as you prepare for life after internship.  As we progress from discussing cases in detail, we will work to strengthen your counseling approach and counseling skills.  

As a mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapist, I stress self-care for clinicians; this will be a focus of our time together.  Additionally, my experience with clients has been with people who do not fall into the "preferred" client; the YAVIS.

LPC Interns are not able to accrue hours at MindPeace and at this time, we do have practicuum opportunities available.

The fee for supervision is $60 per session  (  4 sessions per month as required).

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Consultation, CEUs, Supervision

MindPeace Integrated Psychotherapy

We offer the type of CEUs that leave you confident that you actually learned something.

Our current CEUs include:

  • Mindfulness &  Self-Care for Behavioral Health Professionals
  • Sleep Temple Yoga:  Empirical Evidence for Rest, Relaxation, and the Stages of Sleep



We offer expert & professional direction to individuals, groups & companies on:

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • The Neuroscience of Mindfulness/Meditation
  • The Psychotherapeutic Benefits of Yoga
  • Practial Applications of Contemplative Education
  • Using Mindfulness to Address Microaggressions and Stereotype Threat

Our​ menu of consulting and CEU offerings is "dynamic." Dynamic is defined as  energetic, capable of action and/or change, or forceful.  Our aim is to offer quality & relative consultation and training. Call or text 817.754.0134 for more info.