Online Therapy 

Online therapy is available through the Talkspace platform.  Clients who choose this option will register and pay through Talkspace.  Pricing is determined based on the plan you choose.  For more information or to register go to  Search for "Staussa Ervin" to choose me as your therapist.

Online Weekly Meditation

Online weekly meditation will be available through Patreon. Subscribe here:

Services for Groups & Companies

We are passionate about sharing research and best practices with other healthcare providers and practitioners and are available for professional consultation regarding yoga therapy, women’s mental health, and mental health in Black/African American communities. MindPeace Integrated Psychotherapy is approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services to provide Continuing Education for Licensed Professional Counselors and Social Workers.  We offer expert & professional direction to  groups & companies on:

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • The Psychotherapeutic Benefits of Yoga
  • Practial Applications of Contemplative Education
  • Using Mindfulness to Address Microaggressions and Stereotype Threat
  • Historical & Generational Trauma and Black/African Americans

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Supervision for LPC  Interns

We offer supervision for LPC Interns.  As you accrue hours, we will provide a supportive place for you to process your cases and receive clinical feedback, build your professional identity as you prepare for life after internship.  As we progress from discussing cases in detail, we will work to strengthen your counseling approach and counseling skills.  As a mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapist, I stress self-care for clinicians; this will be a focus of our time together.  Additionally, my experience with clients has been with people who do not fall into the "preferred" client; the YAVIS.  LPC Interns are not able to accrue hours at MindPeace and at this time, we do have practicuum opportunities available.
The fee for supervision is $100 per session  (  4 sessions per month as required).

Get out of reaction mode - move out of overwhelm- invite more peace into every day.

In Office Psychotherapy Services for Women

(All Psychotherapy Services are for women ages 18 & Up Only; Individuals Only)

Option 1: Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Sessions (45 minute sessions).  This is the option for women who are seeking traditional talk therapy.  We will weekly or bi-weekly and work through depression, anxiety, stress, or other issues.  Cost: $85 per session (Blue Cross Blue Shield accepted, Medicaid Accepted (not Amerigroup Medicaid), cash, check, credit card accepted.

Option 2:  The "Love Your Life" Series:  
This option is for women who want psychotherapeutic tools to restore balance to their lives but do not want to commit to long term, traditional therapy (60 minute sessions)  Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 sessions. Each session will introduce solutions specific to the individual and will include a combination of  breathing techniques to balance  the nervous system, essential oils for mood management, yoga poses to address anxiety or depression,  mindfulness techniques to improve sleep quality ,and medicinal teas.  Cost for 1 session $60, 2 sessions $85, 3 sessions $110, 4 sessions $135 (This option is cash, check, credit card only, no insurance accepted).

Option 3:  Learn to Meditate:  This option is suitable for women wanting to try meditation for the first time (60 minutes).  The focus for meditation is how the practice effects the brain and the nervous system.  Cost for 1 session is $30 (cash, check, credit card only, no insurance accepted).

Option 4:  Introduction to Yoga as a Stress Reliever:  This option is for women who want to start yoga, but feel intimidated and have questions. We will talk about the benefits of yoga for you, go through some basic yoga poses (asanas) and help you connect with a yoga studio so you can begin regular classes.   Cost for 1 session is $40 (cash, check, credit card only, no insurance accepted).

NEW January 2019!!!   Trauma Informed Yoga Class

Staussa is offering a MindPeace/Trauma Informed Yoga Class at the Fort Worth, Eastside YMCA (1500 Sandy Ln, Fort Worth, 76112).  This class is for adults who have been affected by emotional pain and trauma.  This can be the result of generational trauma, historical trauma, PTSD, anxiety, stress due to jobs or just stress due to daily living.  This class is for adults and no prior experience is necessary.  You don't have to be flexible for this class. This will be a restorative class meaning,  ALL of the asansa (poses) will be on the ground, supported by props. The class is schedule for Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.  Text (817.754.0134) for more information.