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Our yoga based psychotherapy group for teen girls is not religious based.  We use the mind / body benefits of yoga, combined with traditional  group therapy to empower girls on a sometimes difficult journey of the teenage years.  

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For Adult Women:  Fight Stress & Find Serenity

MindPeace Integrated Psychotherapy

For Teen Girls (ages 13-16):  Yoga Based Psychotherapy GROUP

For Groups:  Sleep Temple Yoga

You Can Find Peace in Your Life

Services for Adult Women

Option 1Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Sessions (50 minutes).  This is the option for women who are seeking more traditional talk therapy.  We will weekly or bi-weekly and work through depression, anxiety, stress, or other issues. We accept Traditional Medicaid, cash, credit/debit card, Paypal.  Without Medicaid, the cost per session is $85 per session (Intake session is $50).

​Option 2:  The "Love Your Life" Series:  This option is for women who want psychotherapeutic tools to restore balance to their lives but do not want to commit to long term therapy.  Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 sessions. Each session will introduce solutions specific to the individual and will include a combination of  breathing techniques to reduce stress, essential oils for mood management, yoga poses to address anxiety or depression, and mindfulness techniques to improve sleep quality,and medicinal teas used for  a variety of ailments.Traditional medicaid accepted.Cost for 1 session $50, 2 sessions $75, 3 sessions $100, 4 sessions $125 (we accept cash, credit/debit card, Paypal).

This option is for groups who want to experience the bliss of peace and relaxation of yoga nidra.  We will come to your location for this experience.  Perfect for training sessions, retreats, corporate trainings - all the places where tensions run high!

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